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    The laboratory effort represents the investigation of marine pollution from marine shipping.
It also provides services of analysis of oil and water for maritime industry.
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  •  Water and sediment sampling
  •  Sample processing
  •  Centrifuge for extraction of large volumes of interstitial water from sediments
   • HP 5890 GC for trace organic hydrocarbons and TBT analyses


arrowResearch project recently completed


•  Marine Vessel Emissions Inventory and Control Strategies
•  System for Recycling of Waste Oil from Fishing Vessel
•  Controlling Atmospheric Emission from Ships
•  Contingency Planning of Marine Oil Spill for Keelung City
•  Biodeterioration of Marine Fuel Oil
•  Influence of Marine Fuel Properties on Air Pollution
•  Behavior of Dispersed Oil in Marine Sediment


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