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sEstablished in 1985, the Department of Marine Engineering is a leader in marine engineering education in Taiwan. This Department was separated from the Department of Marine Engineering in the College of Maritime Science to accept students who graduated from either junior colleges or vocational high schools. A BS in marine engineering is provided and a MS program in marine engineering will accept enrollment in the year 2001. A 2-year program for students graduated from junior colleges and a 4-year program for students graduated from vocational high schools both lead to the BS degree. The curriculum is designed to help students to develop professional-level skills in design, manufacturing, inspection, management, operation and maintenance of marine power and auxiliary systems.


Our faculty consists of 5 professors, 7associate professors and 3 lecturers with strong backgrounds in the research and development of marine engineering and technology and related areas. Part-time lecturers are invited as needed to offer their academic and industrial expertise.

   Education Goals

dOur department goals are: 1) to develop well-rounded marine engineers able to meet the technology challenges of the 21st century; 2) to enhance the development of technology in marine engineering through fundamental research; 3) to provide technical service and on-job training to related industries.





Research Focus on our department has developed a wide range of research in different fields. Most of our projects are funde1d by NSC (National Science Council), COA (Council of Agriculture), EPA (Environment Protection Administration), MOTC (Ministry of Transportation and Communication), CSBC (China Shipbuilding Corporation) and other private and public corporations.